Table and chair hire near me

Table and chair hire near me

Wherever you turn today, there always seems to be a big push on sourcing items locally.  Whether this is to help traders on your local high street which are under threat from online shopping, for instance, or sourcing locally grown produce to minimize your carbon footprint, there always seems to be significant benefit from dealing with suppliers local to you.


The same can be said for when you need to hire chairs and tables, for instance, or indeed any other type of event furniture for your upcoming event.  There are certainly benefits in dealing with a local company which you may not have considered.

  1. Cost.  This is certainly a significant factor for many people.  After all, we all like to think that we are getting a good price.  However, renting event furniture is not like buying a small item off the internet and receiving it through the post.  Chairs, tables, desks, bar units and other items of furniture hire are bulky and so have to be delivered and collected.  It stands to reason that the further you are away from the hire company you choose, the more expensive the transport charges are likely to be.  Therefore, look for a local company to minimize these costs.
  2. Efficiency.  Imagine that you are on-site, putting the final touches to your event and you suddenly realize that you need to hire more chairs for your event.  If you’ve been dealing with a company that is hundreds of miles away, this is now a problem.  If you’ve been dealing with a local chair and table hire company, then much less so.  In other words, local means quicker reaction and response times, especially with last minute issues or problems.
  3. Carbon footprint.  We only have one planet, and so working with a furniture hire company which is miles away means more fuel consumption for the vehicle and that’s why it is more expensive in the first place.  Yes, you should have the carbon footprint in mind all the time, whether you are hiring chairs and tables or whether you’re buying fruit and veg.
  4. The personal touch.  Even though many businesses now put a lot of their focus on their online websites and apps, this shouldn’t be meant that the personal touch disappears.  Working with a local company means that you can pop into their offices and have a chat about forthcoming event requirements, have a coffee and build that personal relationship – after all, good business is ALL about relationships.

The best chair hire companies such as Event Hire UK, for instance, have multiple sales and distribution centers around the country, enabling them to service different towns and cities efficiently and effectively.  So, the next time you think “I need to find a chair and table hire company near me”, bear all this in mind, and try to look for a company close to home and you’re sure to reap the rewards.

Benefits of renting furniture

The reasons why you might want to rent furniture are varied and diverse.  For example, you might be a professional event or wedding planner who produces a variety of different events for your clients and needs to choose from large selections of furniture hire to create the look they want to achieve.  Or, you might be a venue such as an arena or large hotel that wants to lay out theme nights and party nights, for instance, where you need rent additional furniture hire products to supplement what you already have in anticipation of the larger-the-normal numbers attending.  You might be a large trade show or exhibition organizer who needs to work with a furniture hire supplier on their exhibitor stands and in their VIP lounges and so on.  Or, quite simply, you might need furniture hire for your Christmas party at home where you are hosting your extended family and just need some extra tables and chairs so everyone can enjoy those special moments together.

The whole thing about renting furniture is that it is temporary and, as a result, a lot less expensive.  Can you imagine needing to buy a leather sofa for your VIP lounge, let alone 20 of them to fill the space effectively!  The bill runs into thousands.  And even if you buy the furniture, then what do you do with it afterward?  If you hold your event annually, then you’ve got to find storage for the furniture (which costs money!), and then you’ve got to maintain the furniture to the high standard you need.  And then, of course, you’re into using the exact same furniture the following year.  Remember – tastes, designs, styles, and fashions change!  What is ‘on-trend’ one year may well be out of fashion the next, and your guests will expect to see you keeping up to date!

Renting furniture, therefore, provides you with the best option both in terms of cost, and of keeping your life simple!  The nature of rental furniture means that you can have the furniture hire delivered the day before your event, use it on the day of your event and then have it collected the day after your event.

The best furniture hire companies such as Event Hire UK will provide you with a seamless hire experience and will liaise with you in terms of delivery and collection timescales and logistics.  Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be doing in the lead up to a busy event is worrying about the arrangements for your chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture hire products arriving on site.  When you place your order, you simply want to know that it is in safe hands and that it will turn up on time, in the right place and in the right quantities.  The best furniture hire suppliers, therefore, have a large emphasis on making this happen, with the best quality products, and using their wealth of experience in the background to help you create the stunning events you are striving for. Renting is far better than buying furniture. This post which I’ve read on, says the same.

Buying vs renting

If you are an event professional, planning an event – especially if you are planning to hold the same event each and every year – the thought of “shall I buy furniture or hire furniture” will no doubt have crossed your mind on many occasions.

You’ll also have come to the conclusion that hiring furniture for events is the best way forward, and rightly so, being as if you think about it logically, it really is a ‘no-brainer’.  But why?

Quite simply, cost. Buying furniture can cost a small fortune, as you will probably know if you have recently brought a 3 piece suite for your lounge at home, for example, let alone having to buy hundreds of chairs, tables, sofas, reception counters, bars, and other furniture products. Depending upon the size of the event you are planning, you may well need large numbers of furniture products and so you’ll need to find a tidy sum of money to invest in the furniture.  Yes, it arrives with your brand new, but it’s really pricey!

  1. Hassle.  Just following on from the point above, let’s say you buy furniture for your event.  Does it come ready assembled or flat packed?  Today, even basic stacking chairs come in two halves which you need to assemble.  This takes time…especially when you are having to assemble hundreds of units.
  2. Storage.  After your event, you’ll need to store your furniture for another 12 months until your next event the following year.  Storage also costs money and, depending upon the volume of furniture you need to store, could be a costly exercise, especially as many storage companies change by square meterage, and furniture can be bulky….!
  3. Wear & tear / Maintenance.  There’s no doubt about it that event furniture can sometimes take a bit of a battering.  If you’ve invested a lot of money in brand new event furniture, then it won’t stay brand new for very long.  Leather sofas will be got slightly torn, glass-topped poseur tables will start to get scratched, seat pads may start to get wine-stained, and so on.  You’ll either need to spend MORE money replacing the damaged furniture, or somehow maintain the furniture, but regardless of what you do, it certainly won’t be brand new anymore.
  4. Trends & fashions change.  You might have purchased some lovely brown leather cube stools as part of your lounge furniture range.  However, the fashion today is for multi-colored, more vibrant colored lounge furniture for events such as greens, reds, and yellows.  You can rest assured that your clients will be asking you for furniture that you haven’t got as time goes on!

The best furniture rental companies, therefore, solve the question of whether to buy or hire.  For temporary events, hiring furniture is most definitely the best option.  Furniture rental suppliers will carry large ranges to provide you with a great choice for your event styling, and the chances are will carry these products in large quantities.  They will deliver to and collect from your venue the day before and the day after your event.  There’s no up-front large investment, nor do you have to worry about storage.

After all, it really is a no-brainer.

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Reasons to rent event furniture

There is certainly a wide variety of reasons as to why people would need to rent event furniture, with just some of these below.

It might be that you are a professional event planner or maybe a venue which is hosting large party nights for which you need to hire banqueting chairs and tables, maybe some temporary bar units, dance floors and perhaps some bar stools and elbow height poseur tables.  And you don’t just need a few of these, you may need to hire them in large quantities – after all, large venues often cater for thousands of covers a night, and so you’ll need to be working with a furniture hire company which can offer the quantities you need.

By the same token, you might be organizing your own wedding in that you’ve hired a marquee and now need to rent furniture to go in it to dress it for your wedding reception.  Therefore, again you might be looking to hire Chiavari chairs, trestle or roundtables, maybe a bar, perhaps some sofas for a chill-out area within the marquee, and maybe some outside furniture in the form of picnic benches, patio tables and chairs and perhaps some patio heaters to take the chill off the cool air as the evening progresses.

And finally, you might be a private individual wanting to hire a table and chairs for your Christmas at home as you are hosting your extended family and need to hire matching chairs to accommodate the larger-the-normal numbers.

The best furniture hire companies such as Event Hire UK, for instance, will be able to cater for all these different types of requests and will provide the same level of care and attention to detail for each job, regardless of the size, large or small.  With large stocks of furniture hire, chair hire, table hire and all the associated furniture rental products, the best furniture hire companies will offer comprehensive ranges of furniture in large quantities, enabling them to service multiple events at any one time.  Put a call into the best furniture hire companies and you’ll get a feel straight away about their commitment to customer service.

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Types of chairs

Whatever type of chair you need to hire for your upcoming event, the chances are that you’ll be able to find a chair rental company online who is able to provide it for you.  There is a huge amount of choice online today when it comes to chairs, so whether you need to hire conference chairs for your company’s upcoming employee conference, banqueting chairs such as the classic Chiavari chairs and Napoleon chairs for large-scale event dining, wedding chairs such as cross back chairs, throne chairs for Asian weddings, stackable folding chairs for outdoor theatres, festivals and concerts, or outdoor café chairs for, well, precisely that, then the best chair hire companies will offer these in abundance.

Perhaps the most popular of all chairs in the event hire industry is Chiavari chairs.  These are the classic style banqueting chair with spindle batons on the back and a seat pad cushion.  Again, the best chair hires companies will offer you a range of seat pad color options so that you can match up the color of your seat pads to your existing color scheme or theme.  These seat pads are usually attached with Velcro so interchanging them is simple and straightforward.  When it comes to the color of the actual chairs themselves, you’ll most often find limewash Chiavari chairs which are THE choice for many when it comes to weddings, for instance, black, silver, gold and other colors from which you can choose, and the recent surge in popularity for transparent ghost chairs should not be underestimated.  Chiavari chairs are stackable and so will often arrive with you in stacks of ten.

Folding chairs are another mainstay of the event industry for those event professionals needing to hire lightweight yet robust chairs for both indoor and outdoor events.  These chairs are, well, folding and therefore stackable and, when hired in large quantities, will usually come delivered on pallets.  Large-scale events often use these folding chairs in their thousands.  The best chair hires companies such as Event Hire UK, for instance, offer a variety of ranges of folding chairs in different colors and at different price points, providing something for everyone.

When hiring chairs, have a think about the purpose for which you are hiring them.  Folding chairs are a great affordable option for short period seating.  However, if you envisage your guests being seated for longer periods then you’ll want to hire chairs with cushioned seats and backs to provide that extra level of comfort.

Good chair hires companies will offer a wide variety of chairs in a range of different color options and which are available in large quantities so they can service multiple events at any one time.  And the best chair hire companies will, behind the scenes, ensure that their stocks of chairs for hire are regularly refurbished and resprayed to ensure that their clients receive the very best chairs for their events.

So, when it comes to renting chairs online, look for a company that can offer not only a great range of chairs at great prices but which also provides you with the confidence that they will provide you with a great service and top quality chairs for your upcoming occasion. To know more about types of chairs visit and read this article.