Buying vs renting

Buying vs renting

If you are an event professional, planning an event – especially if you are planning to hold the same event each and every year – the thought of “shall I buy furniture or hire furniture” will no doubt have crossed your mind on many occasions.

You’ll also have come to the conclusion that hiring furniture for events is the best way forward, and rightly so, being as if you think about it logically, it really is a ‘no-brainer’.  But why?

Quite simply, cost. Buying furniture can cost a small fortune, as you will probably know if you have recently brought a 3 piece suite for your lounge at home, for example, let alone having to buy hundreds of chairs, tables, sofas, reception counters, bars, and other furniture products. Depending upon the size of the event you are planning, you may well need large numbers of furniture products and so you’ll need to find a tidy sum of money to invest in the furniture.  Yes, it arrives with your brand new, but it’s really pricey!

  1. Hassle.  Just following on from the point above, let’s say you buy furniture for your event.  Does it come ready assembled or flat packed?  Today, even basic stacking chairs come in two halves which you need to assemble.  This takes time…especially when you are having to assemble hundreds of units.
  2. Storage.  After your event, you’ll need to store your furniture for another 12 months until your next event the following year.  Storage also costs money and, depending upon the volume of furniture you need to store, could be a costly exercise, especially as many storage companies change by square meterage, and furniture can be bulky….!
  3. Wear & tear / Maintenance.  There’s no doubt about it that event furniture can sometimes take a bit of a battering.  If you’ve invested a lot of money in brand new event furniture, then it won’t stay brand new for very long.  Leather sofas will be got slightly torn, glass-topped poseur tables will start to get scratched, seat pads may start to get wine-stained, and so on.  You’ll either need to spend MORE money replacing the damaged furniture, or somehow maintain the furniture, but regardless of what you do, it certainly won’t be brand new anymore.
  4. Trends & fashions change.  You might have purchased some lovely brown leather cube stools as part of your lounge furniture range.  However, the fashion today is for multi-colored, more vibrant colored lounge furniture for events such as greens, reds, and yellows.  You can rest assured that your clients will be asking you for furniture that you haven’t got as time goes on!

The best furniture rental companies, therefore, solve the question of whether to buy or hire.  For temporary events, hiring furniture is most definitely the best option.  Furniture rental suppliers will carry large ranges to provide you with a great choice for your event styling, and the chances are will carry these products in large quantities.  They will deliver to and collect from your venue the day before and the day after your event.  There’s no up-front large investment, nor do you have to worry about storage.

After all, it really is a no-brainer.

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