Table and chair hire near me

Table and chair hire near me

Wherever you turn today, there always seems to be a big push on sourcing items locally.  Whether this is to help traders on your local high street which are under threat from online shopping, for instance, or sourcing locally grown produce to minimize your carbon footprint, there always seems to be significant benefit from dealing with suppliers local to you.


The same can be said for when you need to hire chairs and tables, for instance, or indeed any other type of event furniture for your upcoming event.  There are certainly benefits in dealing with a local company which you may not have considered.

  1. Cost.  This is certainly a significant factor for many people.  After all, we all like to think that we are getting a good price.  However, renting event furniture is not like buying a small item off the internet and receiving it through the post.  Chairs, tables, desks, bar units and other items of furniture hire are bulky and so have to be delivered and collected.  It stands to reason that the further you are away from the hire company you choose, the more expensive the transport charges are likely to be.  Therefore, look for a local company to minimize these costs.
  2. Efficiency.  Imagine that you are on-site, putting the final touches to your event and you suddenly realize that you need to hire more chairs for your event.  If you’ve been dealing with a company that is hundreds of miles away, this is now a problem.  If you’ve been dealing with a local chair and table hire company, then much less so.  In other words, local means quicker reaction and response times, especially with last minute issues or problems.
  3. Carbon footprint.  We only have one planet, and so working with a furniture hire company which is miles away means more fuel consumption for the vehicle and that’s why it is more expensive in the first place.  Yes, you should have the carbon footprint in mind all the time, whether you are hiring chairs and tables or whether you’re buying fruit and veg.
  4. The personal touch.  Even though many businesses now put a lot of their focus on their online websites and apps, this shouldn’t be meant that the personal touch disappears.  Working with a local company means that you can pop into their offices and have a chat about forthcoming event requirements, have a coffee and build that personal relationship – after all, good business is ALL about relationships.

The best chair hire companies such as Event Hire UK, for instance, have multiple sales and distribution centers around the country, enabling them to service different towns and cities efficiently and effectively.  So, the next time you think “I need to find a chair and table hire company near me”, bear all this in mind, and try to look for a company close to home and you’re sure to reap the rewards.