Types of chairs

Types of chairs

Whatever type of chair you need to hire for your upcoming event, the chances are that you’ll be able to find a chair rental company online who is able to provide it for you.  There is a huge amount of choice online today when it comes to chairs, so whether you need to hire conference chairs for your company’s upcoming employee conference, banqueting chairs such as the classic Chiavari chairs and Napoleon chairs for large-scale event dining, wedding chairs such as cross back chairs, throne chairs for Asian weddings, stackable folding chairs for outdoor theatres, festivals and concerts, or outdoor café chairs for, well, precisely that, then the best chair hire companies will offer these in abundance.

Perhaps the most popular of all chairs in the event hire industry is Chiavari chairs.  These are the classic style banqueting chair with spindle batons on the back and a seat pad cushion.  Again, the best chair hires companies will offer you a range of seat pad color options so that you can match up the color of your seat pads to your existing color scheme or theme.  These seat pads are usually attached with Velcro so interchanging them is simple and straightforward.  When it comes to the color of the actual chairs themselves, you’ll most often find limewash Chiavari chairs which are THE choice for many when it comes to weddings, for instance, black, silver, gold and other colors from which you can choose, and the recent surge in popularity for transparent ghost chairs should not be underestimated.  Chiavari chairs are stackable and so will often arrive with you in stacks of ten.

Folding chairs are another mainstay of the event industry for those event professionals needing to hire lightweight yet robust chairs for both indoor and outdoor events.  These chairs are, well, folding and therefore stackable and, when hired in large quantities, will usually come delivered on pallets.  Large-scale events often use these folding chairs in their thousands.  The best chair hires companies such as Event Hire UK, for instance, offer a variety of ranges of folding chairs in different colors and at different price points, providing something for everyone.

When hiring chairs, have a think about the purpose for which you are hiring them.  Folding chairs are a great affordable option for short period seating.  However, if you envisage your guests being seated for longer periods then you’ll want to hire chairs with cushioned seats and backs to provide that extra level of comfort.

Good chair hires companies will offer a wide variety of chairs in a range of different color options and which are available in large quantities so they can service multiple events at any one time.  And the best chair hire companies will, behind the scenes, ensure that their stocks of chairs for hire are regularly refurbished and resprayed to ensure that their clients receive the very best chairs for their events.

So, when it comes to renting chairs online, look for a company that can offer not only a great range of chairs at great prices but which also provides you with the confidence that they will provide you with a great service and top quality chairs for your upcoming occasion. To know more about types of chairs visit homedit.com and read this article.